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What are the specifications of general home decoration wires?

Time: 2017/11/6 15:45:52  Source: Yaofeng

BVV2 2.5 and BVV2 * 1.5 wire should be used in home power line. BVV is the national standard code for the copper sheath line BVV2 x 2.5 and BVV2 x 1.5, representing 2 core 2.5 mm2 and 2 core 1.5 mm2, respectively. Under normal circumstances, BVV2 x 2.5 trunk line, trunk line, BVV2 x 1.5 do a single electrical branch line, switch line. One way air conditioner special line is BVV2 x 4, and another special ground wire is used.

BVV2 x 2.5, the length of each coil is 100 + 5 meters, the market price is about 280 yuan. The length of the irregular product is 60-80 meters. Some manufacturers make the insulation coat thick, so that experts are also difficult to see the problem. You can count the number of ring wire, then multiplied by the roll radius, we can roughly calculate the length. The price of this product is between 100-130 yuan. Secondly, merchants can be asked to cut their heads and see the copper core material. BVV2 x 2.5 copper core, 1.784 mm in diameter, you can measure with micrometer.

Home use in the wire is generally a single strand of copper wire, and its cross-sectional area has three specifications, namely 4.0mm2, 2.5mm2 and 1.5mm2. In addition, there are 6.0mm2 specifications, mainly used in the main line of households, home decoration almost no use or very little amount, generally not included in the scope of home improvement circuit line.

In order to fire, maintenance and security, home wire gauge the best choice with the the Great Wall sign "GB" copper wire, wire slot loading area is generally: line selection Jiezhuang wire gauge lighting is 1.5 mm, and 2.5 mm socket for line selection, pay attention to less than 2.5 mm air conditioning line shall not be home in line with the negative (zero line / ground) the best selection of green and yellow line, and then switch line (FireWire) with red, white, black, purple, either. In the same home decoration project, the line color and use should be consistent.

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