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Talent recruitment Talent concept

Position: Home > Recruit > Talent concept

Yao Feng as the staff as the most precious wealth, and willing to absorb the outstanding potential talents, and provide personal development to the stage for employees, hope every employee can get good development in Yao Feng, Feng Yao into the door, is Yao Feng, conveys the essence of enterprise culture.

Yao Feng's idea of employing people:

Moral priority, job matching, conscientiousness and teamwork.

Moral priority:

In virtue of the first, the ability of the second standard of appointment, "virtue without talent", its virtue can be used, there is virtue and talent, it should be reused, talented, no virtue, it is difficult to use".

Job matching:

Each post has its own professional requirements, suitable for people in the right position is the talent, in order to give full play to his role.

Fulfill one's duty:

Have a high sense of responsibility for work, honesty, earnest work, dedication, innovation, the pursuit of excellence.

Team cooperation:

A drop of water is small, the sea will be magnificent; a soil is slight, the accumulation of mountains can be majestic wonders. The strength of the individual is weak, but he relies on a good team to succeed as the team grows.

Yao Feng's policy of employing personnel:

"Career keeps people, environment keeps people, treatment stays, emotion stays.""

We advocate career and keep people:

He is committed to making great achievements in his career, building a bigger stage, providing more opportunities for self - fulfillment and self - worth, and attracting more talents to join in.

We emphasize environmental retention:

By shaping the "constantly enterprising, never satisfied" corporate culture, in the enterprise to build a positive talent environment.

We advocate treatment and keep people:

Around the purpose of "creating profits for the company at the same time and improving the welfare for employees", we set up a set of effective and highly motivated management mechanism.

We attach importance to emotion and keep people:

At the same time, pay more attention to personal ability, pay more attention to the family affection and team work force.

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